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a company asked me to write a daily blog for them. I told them that I’d never read a blog and had absolutely no idea how to write one but, sure if you want to pay me for it, I’ll give it a shot. It was either my good or bad fortune to start at the beginning of the credit crisis. Good ... more


Is This The Last New Year’s Eve Of Uber Surge Pricing
It might seem like an obvious point, but it’s often overlooked by people who complain about surge pricing. Surge pricing gives drivers an incentive to spend more time on the road than they otherwise would.
Is Government Employment Shrinking?
Explaining the contradiction of an historically high level of government spending as a share of the economy with a declining level of employment as a function of increasing transfer payments.
Ignore The Monthly New Home Sales Reports
Despite downward revisions August was "a very good month" as sales were up 15.3% from July which was also revised down. Still with me? If so let me make a suggestion, ignore these numbers, they’re bad guesstimates. Here’s why...
Surprise! Mortgage Standards Being Lowered
As you no doubt know, various government agencies have moved the ball pretty far down the field with respect to loosening down-payment requirements for loans from Fannie and Freddie.
Is This How The New Apple Deck
By all accounts the new Apple products are doing exceptionally well, notwithstanding the bending and operating system issues.
The Glass Half Empty/Full? Employment Report
The employment report is out and, depending mostly upon your political persuasion, either just a blip in an upward trend or evidence of a deteriorating economy. But it is merely a data point which requires lots of data points to establish some version of reality.


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