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The Evolution Of TransEnterix
TransEnterix has evolved from a disposable manual laparoscopic device (SPIDER) into two surgical robots that have the potential to make meaningful inroads in the surgical robotic market.
This Chart Suggests An 18% Drop In The S&P 500
Technical analysis suggests that the S&P 500 can drop 18% from current levels and test support at the old highs of the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble.
Sientra (SIEN) Has More Room To Run
After falling 65% in 2015, shares of Sientra may go into rally mode in 2016 if they can resolve the hiccups associated with last year's fire and CE Mark suspension at its contract manufacturer in Brazil.
Charts Suggest La Jolla Pharmaceuticals Will Fall 50%
A bearish head and shoulders pattern in shares of La Jolla Pharmaceuticals suggest the stock can fall 50% in 2016.
Pernix Therapeutics Looks Ready To Run
Going into 2016, shares of Pernix Therapeutics look poised to run after suffering a 70% draw-down in 2015.
Going Into 2016, Wal-Mart, Affymetrix, LTC Properties And St. Jude Medical Can Run
Technical analysis on Wal-Mart, Affymetrix, LTC Properties and St. Jude Medical going into 2016.


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Charts Suggest La Jolla Pharmaceuticals Will Fall 50%
7 years ago

Thanks for the comment Deborah. To put that buying into perspective, it was by Tang, who is a billionaire. So he will survive!

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Sell Oil, Buy Water
The family that started what is now Exxon Mobil scathingly attacked the company for its anti environmental actions and is divesting its funds from oil. Why buy oil?
Relative Strength In Nokia Suggests More Upside In 2016
Shares of Nokia have outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin in 2016, and the relative strength suggests that shares may have more room to run in 2016.

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