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Copper Imbalanced To The Downside, Testing Macro VWAP
Copper futures fell about 12.5% in June, testing the macro VWAP for buyers while it may target the lower EMA50 on the monthly periodicity currently.
WTI Crude Oil With Bearish Nuances
Crude oil fell by about 0.3% in today’s early European trading session. The market is pressured by the day’s upper value extreme and fell back into the year’s developing value as the price dropped about 7% in Friday’s session.
Mexican Peso Dipping Into Potential Support: USD/MXN
The dollar gained against the Mexican peso about 0.3% in today’s European trading session while the rate USD/MXN got balanced around the year’s upper value extreme
USD/JPY: Japanese Yen Keeps Sinking Into Twenty-Year Lows
The Japanese yen fell against the dollar by about 0.6% in today’s early European trading session.
UK Car Registrations Declines While Pound Rises: GBP/USD
United Kingdom Car Registrations declined by about 20.6% YoY to 124,394 units in May, weakest since 1992. Supply shortages of semiconductors were among the reasons for unfilled orders
EUR/USD Update: Euro Area Inflation To Record Highs
The euro area inflation rate increased towards 8.1% in May to new record highs above market forecasts of 7.7%.


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Ethereum Rises By Potential Dip Buyers
1 year ago

Correction: The market found buyers around the Quarterly DVAL of the VWAP structure. In the article is DVAH mentioned, which is the upper extreme or +1st Standard Deviation level of the VWAP.

In this article: ETH-X, ETHE
E-Mini S&P 500 Rotational In Quarterly VWAP Structure
1 year ago

Thank you, appreciate it! You're welcome!

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AAPL And TSLA Stock Splits Attract Low Information Investors
1 year ago

Excellent article! Thank you!

In this article: AAPL, TSLA, ENLC
Observations On The Popular Tesla Stock
1 year ago

You're very welcome! We both deeply impressed the questioner, I presume. ;-)

In this article: TSLA
Observations On The Popular Tesla Stock
1 year ago

Thanks for the question! The stock is quite expensive for some investors. A 5:1 split allows a wider cross section of investors to buy TSLA and makes it more accesible for Tesla emloyees to have the opportunity to buy the stock. Additionally it will change the wighting of the index in which TSLA is listed - the lower the share price the less wight that particular stock will have on the index. The cheaper price and to be able to buy a small amount of the full share will increase the investor's appetite in Tesla.

In this article: TSLA
Euro Bund Market Update
5 years ago

The weekly chart is wrong. Sorry about that. Here is the right one:

Euro Bund Market Update
5 years ago

Thank you! I will keep it up for sure.

Crude Oil Market Update - Monday, February 20
5 years ago

Thank you for the comment! I very appreciate it.

I will try my best :)

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