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S Tuesday Talk: Live From The Inflation Rodeo
It remains to be seen whether the Fed can tame inflation without bringing on a recession. It is clear that investors are unsure, turning the stock market into a rodeo, for now.
S Thoughts For Thursday: Keep Your Seatbelt Tightly Fastened
The seatbelt sign is still turned on. With war in Ukraine grinding on, COVID in China and high inflation in the U.S., the sell-off in the market seems poised to continue.
S Tuesday Talk: The Rough Ride Continues
At the moment there seems to be no respite on the ride down, markets opened the week on Monday, by closing markedly down again. Market futures are still up heading into the open.
S Tuesday Talk: Edgy Enthusiasm
The market is still edgy as ever, but a late afternoon recovery after European markets closed was enough to propel U.S. markets out of the red zone and into the green.
S Thoughts For Thursday: A Bumpy Ride Gets Bumpier
The three major stock indices were largely unchanged at the close of trading on Wednesday and though morning market futures are deep green it is hard to say that an uptrend is forming.
S Tuesday Talk: Musking Twitter - Done!
Sold for $44 billion dollars to the only and highest bidder, Elon Musk, whose offer to buy Twitter for $54.20 per share was approved by the company's board of directors, yesterday.


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Apologies for the misunderstanding - we removed GILD from the "stocks mentioned in this article" section to eliminate any confusion.

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