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Lowe's Q2 Earnings Miss Estimates, Revenues Beat
8 years ago

stock ended up for the day b/c the actual growth far exceeds the focus on estimates.

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Facebook Reports Q2 Earnings, Traders Sell News
8 years ago

The market was way too bullish heading into the report. CNBC couldn't say anything negative about FB while trashing TWTR and YELP all day.

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Apple Preparing For Huge IPhone 6S Launch
8 years ago

Apple claims that only 27% of iPhone users have upgraded to the iPhone 6 so a lot of pent up demand exists. Personally, I'm on the cycle of the Ss so I'll upgrade regardless of the internal improvements. Think too many people over estimate the need for something big for the 6S.

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The Stock Market's Ugly Truth - Only 6 Stocks Matter
8 years ago

Makes for an interesting dynamic. Most of the stocks I follow are extremely cheap despite the constant focus on a market that is expensive as some stocks push higher due to high multiples. The general stock isn't expensive at all.

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