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Gleason is president of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals investment company and news service with over 450,000 readers, 35,000 paid customers, and $120 million in annual sales. He launched the company while president of a national newsletter publishing ... more


Four News Events That Could Drive Bullion Demand
The halfway point of the year is quickly approaching. Dwindling confidence and concern over the direction of the country along with rising inflation expectations continue to drive strong demand for physical gold and silver.
More Banks & Investors Are Not Believing Fed Propaganda
As inflation continues to heat up, gold and silver markets are once again on the verge of breaking out.
Are You Positioned For The Coming Flight To Quality?
Traditionally, economic distress triggers a flight to high-quality bonds and cash. But bonds and cash provide no safe haven from inflation.
Why You Need To Buy And Hold Gold Now
In the current environment of rising inflation and easy monetary policies, the value of gold could potentially go sharply higher from recent levels.
‘Taper’ Talk Is Back: Will A Tantrum Follow?
‘Taper’ talk from the Federal Reserve is back in focus. But for now, it’s all talk and no action.
Hedge Funds Getting Bullish On Gold
The gold market has seen many momentum shifts in recent months. At the end of the day, however, the market really depends on one simple factor: Are the big money inflows trending in a bullish or bearish direction?




Latest Posts
Congressman Presses Secretary Yellen For Disclosure Of U.S. Gold Activities
Washington, DC (June 10, 2021) – As foreign governments reportedly accumulate gold and de-dollarize their sovereign wealth funds, a Republican congressman is asking tough questions of the U.S. Treasury about its secretive gold activities.
Tennessee To Consider Establishing A State Gold Depository
Gov. Bill Lee signed legislation last week requiring the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR) to examine the feasibility of creating a state depository to secure gold owned by the state and/or citizens.
New Regulation Could Pressure Paper Metals Markets
Alasdair MacLeod, the Head of Research at Goldmoney, wonders if we may soon see “the end of paper gold and silver markets.”
Gold & Silver Surging Toward Long Awaited Breakout
The long-awaited breakout in gold and silver may finally be upon us.
What The Fed DOESN’T Want You To Know About Inflation
Is it a temporary blip… or the beginning of a long-term trend? That’s the key question facing consumers, investors, and retirees when it comes to inflation.
Gold & Silver Wait Their Turn To Ride The Inflationary Wave
As President Joe Biden pushed massive new spending initiatives in his address before Congress, investors shrugged off rising inflation risk. They pushed the S&P 500 up to a new record close on Thursday.
Biden’s ‘Green Reset’ Could Be Great For Silver
As top officials around the world convene this week for a “climate summit,” President Joe Biden’s administration is planning the most radical expansion
Actions By Biden, Yellen, Powell Make Gold & Silver Ownership Imperative
Precious metals markets are struggling to breakout this week. Through Thursday it appeared that a breakout was in place but we’ve seen a bit of pullback here on Friday to throw a bit of water on the breakout idea.

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