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Allocating Personal Capital With Markets Near Highest Ever Valuation
With the S&P 500 earnings yield at 3.92% and valuations near the highest ever, investors might be better served raising cash or paying off debt.
Slowing Growth At Green Dot Creates Value
Green Dot has relationships with several large retailers. The company's niche is underserved banking customers. Common shares went for a wild ride over two years.
Three Dividend And Income CEFs Paying Over 7%
The volatility of the closed end funds is most likely due to their leverage and inefficiencies of the market. These funds can trade at a discount to net asset value.
RNP Could Get A Boost From Falling Bond Yields
It appears that RNP could provide a good long-term option to build income and capital appreciation for some investors. This may be an opportunity to look at with the current high dividend yield of 6.76% and falling overall global bond yields.
WeWork, Office Space Worth More Than $47 Billion?
WeWork allows start-ups and companies to rent office space.
Nike's Latest PR Stunt Goes Viral
This week, as Americans prepare to celebrate their independence, Nike makes a controversial move to pull a sneaker bearing a resemblance to the Betsy Ross flag.


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Will Netflix Ever Disappoint Investors?
6 years ago

I watched most of the Game of Thrones series on Netflix, but then got HBO for free when I tried to cut cable. Now, I will probably just cancel my cable for 24 hours and get it again for free.

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The Market Is Setting Up For A Massive Sell-Off
6 years ago

Great minds think alike!

Broader Markets Headed for Blow-off Top? $DIA $SPY https://goo.gl/1lq2BO

Will Netflix Ever Disappoint Investors?
6 years ago

My kids sit around watching YouTube videos for hours that people created in their living room. The people create this content for free. Quality is in the eye of the beholder.

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Fannie And Freddie: The Next Crisis Is Coming
6 years ago

Agree. The government has been paid back. The warrants provide dilution but no additional value. It would make more sense to issue a portion of them with a strike price. If capital is successfully raised, then another round could be issued to the market.

Also, update to the disclosure, I do not hold any GSE equity and have no financial interest in the stock. This issue is important to me. We need an equity backstop in the housing finance market.

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5 Stocks To Buy As Unemployment Hits 9-Year Low
6 years ago

Will Netflix Ever Disappoint Investors? $NFLX https://goo.gl/bpGR9Z

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5 Stocks To Buy As Unemployment Hits 9-Year Low
6 years ago

If going long, I am a small cap value guy. I think the larger markets are overvalued and due for a 35% correction. Timing.... Who knows?!

I've had people ask me about #Netflix recently. I don't like the valuation at all. PE of 322. What?! Forward PE of 125. What?!

I don't care if $NFLX is creating wonderful new programming. At some point the growth model stalls. There's not enough demand for that. My kids spend all day watching YouTube. People make content for free every day.

In this article: CLGX, NCI, CRAI, ACN, HCKT
5 Stocks To Buy As Unemployment Hits 9-Year Low
6 years ago

If we are nearing the top of the economic cycle, shouldn't we be talking about which stocks to sell?

In this article: CLGX, NCI, CRAI, ACN, HCKT
Repeal Of Dodd-Frank Could Have Big Consequences
6 years ago

I've been following the mortgage market for many years. I think I may have felt similarly in 2009 to 2011, but I also follow a lot of the data. For instance, while the homeownership rate is at a 20 year low, the cost of renting has been higher than the cost of owning a home for several years. As a public policy goal, it is important to push policies that are good for the middle class. Homeownership is one of these things.

The Federal Reserve guides interest rate decisions based upon things like the Philips Curve. When unemployment goes up, they tend to lower interest rates, but only if inflation is also subdued.

What this country lacks is a economic housing policy based on data. Right now, we have housing policies based on public opinion and politics. People tend to think about things that happened eight years ago, as if they are true today. In 2005, people without jobs or assets were getting loans for homes that had $300,000 mortgages. No doc loans are a far swing away from the current mess.

Fannie's minimum credit score is a 620, but most banks won't talk to you without a score over 680 and strong W-2 documented income. This is also true for self-employed people that might have high credit scores and lots of assets. I know from experience. When I started my own RIA firm, I could not refinance my rental property or my home residence through HARP or the FHA streamline program. The risk of default remained the same for my banks in these cases, but they didn't want to do anything to draw the attention of regulators. (I have good credit and assets).

Trump Should Absolutely Issue 100-Year Bonds
6 years ago

I'd say we should probably issue a few trillion dollars in 100 year bonds and spend that money on infrastructure, asap.

Here's an interesting and related story on CNBC. Apparently #Trump is a Keynesian.


Trump Should Absolutely Issue 100-Year Bonds
6 years ago

Interesting idea. I wonder what these bonds might yield.

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