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Roger Nusbaum brings 30 years of investment industry experience into his newest role as ETF Strategist at AdvisorShares.

For many years the Random Roger blog has focused on portfolio construction, behavioral finance, the need for innovative retirement solutions and ETF thought ... more


Health Insurance Dysfunction
Someone who bought a house ten years ago factoring $500/mo for health insurance to determine how much house they could afford might be in real trouble today having to pay $1500 or $2000 every month for health insurance.
Resiliency In The Face Of Disruption
Whether it's avoiding having to wait hours to buy toilet paper or not having to sell stock at a loss to pay the bills, planning for disruptions is the best way to avoid being crushed by stress.
The Panic Has Subsided For Now
The pandemic doesn't change the long term tendency for equities to move from the lower left to the upper right even if the pace ends up being slower than it used to be or less than we'd like.
A Closer Look At Long/Short Strategies
When it comes to viewing a fund as good or bad I am just as interested in whether it does what it's supposed to do or at least what I think it is supposed to do.
Interesting Volatility Fund
Don't let the fund wrapper scare you.
Bring Me Fama's Head
In the realm of the typical investor just trying to have enough when they retire, the question of whether it makes sense or not to try to navigate around severe market movements is something we've explored many times.


A Agilent Technologies Inc.
AAPL Apple Inc.
ASX Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.
CAM Cameron International Corporation
CAT Caterpillar Inc.
ETF Aberdeen Emerging Markets Telecommunications and Infrastructure Fund, Inc.
ETN Eaton Corporation
ETP Energy Transfer Partners L.P.
GDP Goodrich Petroleum Corporation
H Hyatt Hotels Corporation
IMO Imperial Oil Ltd
NBB Nuveen Build America Bond Fund
NGG National Grid plc
NY iShares NYSE 100 Index Fund
YHOO Yahoo! Inc.
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Inputs are a greater determinant than outputs.
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A round up of my interactions today regarding the current panic...
Where many of my posts talk about the need to avoid self-destructive behaviors related to investing, that is a matter of people having a hand in their financial outcome by modifying/dictating their behaviors. So it is with fitness and health issues for many of us.

Work Experience

Portfolio Manager
AdvisorShares Global Alpha & Beta ETF (RRGR)
July 2012 - Present (8 years 2 months)
Portfolio Manager
Your Source Financial
2004 - Present (16 years 9 months)
Institutional Equity & Options trader
Charles Schwab
1993 - 2001 (8 years 8 months)


San Diego State University
Bachelor's Degree in Economics