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Does The Buck Stop With You?
We've got a $2 trillion relief package with checks on the way to individuals. But there will still be losses, from businesses to cities and states. If you're wondering who pays, don't bother. It's you.
Where Will The Corporate Cash Go?
Over the last two years, U.S. companies bought more than $2 trillion of their own stock through buyback programs.
Devastation In The Oil Field
If we don’t get relief, it’s going to be a long, dismal summer in Texas.
Buy… With Caution
There won’t be any such celebrations today, which will deprive many an Irish pub of its peak sales for the year. I might drink a pint in their honor as I consider the effects on the economy.
The Fed Can “Fix” This, Right?
We’re suddenly value investors, and there’s not a lot of value to be had. Interest rates are headed to zero in the U.S., following yields in Europe and Japan.
Drowning In Student Loan Debt
The federal deficit reached just over $1 trillion last year, is expected to top $1.3 trillion this year, and will likely be at least $1 trillion every year for the rest of the decade.


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Muni Mayhem: This Boring Sector Is Starting To Heat Up!
7 years ago

Wendell, I'm not as much of a fan of ETFs with their bond liquidity issues as I am of closed end funds like DMB. The issue with closed end funds is that most (like DMB) are leveraged. If the Fed raises rates in Sept, it will drive up the cost of leverage, lowering the returns on the fund, driving down the price. That could be a fabulous thing for those who wait to invest. Note - I do not own DMB.

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A Profit Weapon For 2019 And Beyond
I believe the Second Wave Cycle can help you grow your wealth in the second half of 2019 and beyond.
A New Way To Lighten Our Health Care Load
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently reported that headline inflation rose 0.2% in July and is 2.9% higher than last year.
Saying Goodbye To The Hotel California…
Saying Goodbye to the Hotel California- The explosion in self-storage units should continue in the years ahead. The industry plays on the emotions of Americans who get pretty attached to stuff...
A Straightforward Approach To Investing
With investing, if you do it wrong you must make up for lost ground, which could take years, if it ever happens. Don’t become paralyzed by all the choices.
One Approach To High Healthcare Costs
As a consumer, I’m asked to be responsible for my health, to do my part to keep my costs down, and I ask for the best price a vendor has to offer...
Calling B.S. On Central Bankers
Central bankers have to live in the real world where drawing lines on a graph is easy, but getting consumers to comply with the economic theory is hard.
Pick Your Neighborhood Carefully
Any move we can make toward decentralizing retirement systems and putting them in the hands of individuals is a step forward.
American Kids Can Do More Than Sing And Dunk
We are great at telling kids they can be anything they want to be. We need to do a better job of giving them ideas as to what is possible.

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