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Rod Raynovich is an entrepreneur and executive with a focus on life science companies and medical technology trends.He has over 35 years executive experience including Abbott and JNJ and has been involved three successful start-ups. Before starting Raygent and other companies he was also a ...more


Rotation Out Of Healthcare And Biotech Stocks: Age Of Disruption?
A steady rotation out of biotech and healthcare stocks into the Nasdaq-100 large-cap tech stocks can be unnerving for portfolio managers.
A Good Week For The Market But A Pause In The Biotech Rally
Healthcare stocks have been lagging in 2023 with the XLV down 1.97% MTD and 3.34% YTD with CVS and UNH contributing to the weakness.
Time To Play Small Cap Life Science Stocks
The overall market sentiment has been hit hard by MACRO concerns. The dominating narrative is the Fed and the Debt Ceiling.
Something Happened In Biotech Last Week
Biotech stocks were more constructive last week with some sharp moves up.
Small & Mid Cap Life Science Stock Portfolio: Some Good Picks In A Stalled Sector
A pivotal week looks to be shaping up with the usual macro concerns arising, such as a Fed meeting and big earnings waiting just around the corner. One possible path to help navigate around these macro factors is our small and mid cap stock picks.
Healthcare Sector Update: MedTech Trending Up
Earnings from major device companies and large-cap biopharma over the next two weeks will help us ascertain risks for the market.


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Regulatory News For Rare Disease Products - Hot Stocks: BLUE, ICPT, SRPT
8 years ago

Getting trial information and following them is the hard part as it takes too much time. Just sett up the stocks in a Yahoo portfolio and track daily. The WEB site of the Company usually lets you know if trial results are coming in and when.

In this article: BLUE, ICPT, SRPT
Biotech Buzz Is Broken
8 years ago

Here is the YTD for KITE down 4.7%:

In this article: JUNO, KITE, GILD, REGN
2015 Biotech Stock Preview: Rhythms Of The “PermaBull”
8 years ago

prefer a fund like FBIOX but XBI will work when the market heats up

In this article: XLV, FBT, FBIOX, GILD
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We remain on hold for taking on new positions. Biotech and healthcare stocks have made nice gains so let’s get through the earnings cycle.
Asco Rally Fizzles: The Nascent Rally In Biotech Stocks Fades
ASCO Rally Fizzles Two Weeks ahead of May 31-June 4 Meeting: XBI down 0.9% to $83.

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