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Commercial Real Estate: The King Kong Of Category Killers
7 years ago

Brilliant article. The only reasons to buy local (and not online) are a) niche or premium products not available online and b) convenience of I need it now. Walmart's neighborhood store concept should continue to thrive because Amazon cannot capture those who need milk for their kids for dinner tonight, not two days later. However with Amazon same-day delivery model being rolled out to a city near you, it won't stop them from trying. Eventually Amazon drones delivering goods direct to home will blot the skies of America.

Explaining The Moves In The Gold Price
7 years ago

Or a third option.. that all paper markets are manipulated together for the same reason - to line the pockets of those performing the manipulation at the expense of everyone else.

If we had a true barometer of the physical gold commodity market, then we could make the distinction between real gold and other markets. But, your price chart is based upon the paper gold market which can be as easily manipulated as the others while having nothing to do with the fundamentals of the underlying real commodity.

Oil Price Slide – No Good Way Out
8 years ago

As your article points out, this is an economic problem and not a resource-driven one. Your article really points at central banking and excessive debt and why that model eventually fails. Debt can only fund growth for so long before marginal debt issuance produces less and less production, leading to contraction of the system and; historically, eventual failure. These are the lessons taught by Austrian Economics.

Merrimack Receives Fast Track For Pancreatic Cancer Drug
8 years ago

Thanks much for the article. My father and grandfather both passed from pancreatic cancer, so I take my personal risk for this disease very seriously. I was not aware of this drug even though I have done some extensive research into treatment options.

I also encourage anyone worried about this form of cancer to research vitamin therapies and natural treatments as 1) preventative medicine for all cancers and 2) enhancements for existing pharma options. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates.

In this article: BAX, MACK
New G20 Rules: Cyprus-Style Bail-Ins To Take Deposits And Pensions
8 years ago

I agree that private banks have been successful in the past as long as 1) they are not tied in any way to a central bank and fiat issuance and 2) they make money from fees tied to their local services, and not from the ponzi debt scheme that fuels banks actions today. Otherwise, they will just consolidate and form new super-banks within a period of years of their creation.

Caveat Emptor! Cyber Crime Threatens To Derail The Growing Digital Economy
8 years ago

The retail systems issue is complicated by the fact that technology is not standardized, which makes employing security very difficult and costly. The time is coming when companies will have to make the choice between paying for security by implementing strong controls, or paying more for it later when breaches are published.

For investors, I strongly recommend reading the detailed financial statements for any parts relating to security costs and company controls.

Why College Is Necessary But Gets You Nowhere
8 years ago

Roland, I think you are right. The new graduates are struggling in this economy because they face a lot of experienced talent in the market. A certain subset of these experienced workers are former retirees who either wanted to go back to work or needed to to support their retirement plans. Nothing wrong with that, but it does put pressure where jobs have not grown substantially since the financial crisis. It is not an easy situation for young people to deal with. I would recommend that people get back to being entrepreneurs and creating value and opportunity. We need more of them to drive job creation, which has traditionally occurred more in the small business sector than the large. And that experience can often be parlayed into job opportunities at firms looking for the leader mindset. While I work full time for a large company, I have never given up my real estate business after 15 years because 1) it keeps me thinking creatively on how to solve problems in my workplace and 2) it gives me another avenue to use my skills to create value (and create jobs for others as well). I I think this is a market where you are going to have to create your own value to get work, and getting a BS or BA is just step 1 in a longer list.

Why College Is Necessary But Gets You Nowhere
8 years ago

Good article. I would point out that a college degree is worth that you put into it. If you focus your degree on your target profession, it can elevate you above other candidates and put you in position for better job opportunities. I am having this effect now where after finishing a Masters in a specific discipline is generating interest for many new opportunities. If you are young and lack experience to go with the degree, then this strategy may not be as effective for you until you build up a few years of experience to put side by side.

Also, starting a business can be a career boost. Smarter companies (not all) see entrepreneurship as leadership and the ability to think outside of boxes while creating opportunity. If your business is successful, your leadership skills will be easily noticed at your new employer and your opportunities will open up in different directions. As a business owner, I can attest this has been the case for me.

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