Rlh Consulting/Hedge Manager for private clients

Reid Holloway’s client roster has included Young & Rubicam, Inc., Philip Morris, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and The Trump Organization.

Mr. Holloway began his career as an editor with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publications in 1976.
In 1978 he joined ... more


E The Gift Of Clarity: Everything Isn't Complicated
Often the factors that cause uncertainties and perplexities lead to the conclusion that the solutions must be more complicated than you might think. Don’t outsmart yourself!
E The Perils Of Maturing To Late-Stage Expansion Cycles
The increasing complexity of central bank intervention into matters beyond inflation and employment, along with globalization and the American-Chinese trade war, has dramatically changed the composition of business and stock market cycles.
E “A Star Is Born” And “Peak Belief”
The more we analyze, the more we think we are displacing the subjective with the objective, credible and investible. But are we? Can we really ever tell the difference between truly objective research and stuff we just want to believe?
E Charlie Munger Proves That Youth Is A Good Trade For Wisdom (You Don't Get A Choice In The Matter, Anyway)
A recent interview of Berkshire-Hathaway veteran Charlie Munger demonstrates the value of experience and wisdom.
E Why The Aramco Deal Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb
Is giddiness at the top the only form of measuring peak sentiment?
E What Glamour Industries Teach Us About Markets
"Glamour industries" are useful in understanding market activities because they are subject to similar psychologies borne of "champagne wishes and caviar dreams."


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Your courage, your personal constitution and your positive outlook will have more to do with your abilities to survive, adapt and prosper than they have ever had in the past. Artificial intelligence will be no detriment for those who focus on conceptualizing the bright future we will have.

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