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Raki Shah is a seasoned business executive with experience in corporate finance, M&A, strategy, accounting, and marketing. He is a CPA, MBA, and currently works for a global multinational company. Atma Business Blog is an outlet where I rant ...more


The Good Guys Are (Finally) Winning
When high finance first comes to mind, one immediately thinks of the excesses. The $10M birthday parties, the "wolves" of Wall Street, and the Goldman bonuses.
Why Unicorns Matter
Call them unicorns or bubble companies, but there is something significantly relevant about the technology start-ups that have joined the $1B+ valuation club.
Is The Uber Ecosystem Sustainable?
Will Uber get an opportunity to grow up? Armed with a $40B valuation, many investors think so. Whether you believe in the app based taxi hailer or not, Uber’s impact can be felt all around the world.
The New New Bond Market
The days of corporate bonds, treasuries, and real estate income properties are over. In are crowdfunded startups, movie projects, and student loans.
Selling In A Seller's Market
From residential housing to Uber's dizzying $40B capital round, asset valuations have never been so high. Understandably, many small business owners looking to sell expect to write their "own number."
The S&P Paradox
Despite all the complex options available, one of the most effective investment strategies has been to simply play the S&P index.


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Work Experience

Health Wildcatters
July 2013 - Present (10 years 1 month)
Business Mentor for Healthcare Startups.
VP, Corporate Development
October 2005 - Present (18 years)
Led M&A and Corporate Development for Essilor of America. Directed successful partnership-based rollup acquisition program (~$500M), larger transactions, development of e-commerce platform, joint ventures with key accounts (payors/retailers), and doctor (MD/OD) strategic alliances.
Senior Associate, M&A
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP
September 1998 - August 2000 (2 years)
Provided financial and accounting diligence and post-merger integration services on potential acquisition targets for financial sponsors and large corporations.


University of Texas at Austin
1993 / 1998
Accounting and Finance


Atma Business Blog
Raki Shah
Atma Business Blog is an outlet where I rant about what I enjoy most. Given today's information overload, I take a broader approach to topics such as emerging trends and companies, market-based philanthropic efforts, and the impact of business news/topics on society. As a seasoned executive in corporate, startup, and consulting environments, I hope to add a unique, macro view on innovation, strategy, and market activities.