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E Weekly Energy Roundup: Offshore Drilling Companies, September 17 To September 21
It's been a very exciting week in the offshore drilling sector because four major offshore drilling companies get awarded new contracts. These contracts were mainly for harsh-environment semisubmersibles, an area seeing a lot of attention of late.
E Weekly Energy Roundup: Oil And Gas Companies, September 17 To September 21
The oil and gas industry as a whole continues to perform well, primarily due to strong Brent crude prices. A possible strike in the North Sea could see rising oil prices in relatively short order due to the large volumes produced by the region.
E Weekly Energy Roundup: Offshore Drilling Companies, June 25 To June 29
A weekly series following the stock performance of the six major offshore drilling contractors and relevant news surrounding the industry.
E Weekly Energy Roundup: Oil And Gas Companies, June 25 To 29
A weekly series tracking the stock performance and relevant news affecting six major oil and gas companies and the oil industry as a whole.
E Weekly Energy Roundup: Oil And Gas Companies, Jan. 8 - 12
A weekly series covering the news and performance affecting six large oil and gas companies to assist shareholders and potential investors at keeping up with the trends affecting their investments.
E Weekly Energy Roundup: Offshore Drilling Companies, January 8 - 12
A weekly series reviewing the performance of six major offshore drilling companies in order to provide investors a high level overview of the trends affecting the stocks.


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Gold And Silver Holdings Of Trusts And Funds - Price Manipulation
1 year ago

Sooner or later, the ability of the Fed and others to manipulate the market via paper gold will go away. Somebody will try to take physical delivery and there won't be any gold to deliver. That's when the price will ultimately explode upward.

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This Chart Reveals Google’s True Dominance Over The Web
1 year ago

Google has already begun getting investigated for monopolistic behavior in the EU, although nothing has come of that just yet.

If this isn't a monopoly though, I don't know what is.

The Amazing Amount Of Gold The U.S. Exported Since 2000
1 year ago

Originally it's because the 1960s saw lots of European countries wanting to exchange their US dollars for gold because the dollar was overvalued.

Nowadays, I'm not sure. China was importing it over the past decade in order to back the yuan with gold.

In this article: GLD
Is Cash No Longer Trash?
1 year ago

Excellent article... here's to hoping that we see a real yield on cash sometime soon!

In this article: BIL
The Amazing Amount Of Gold The U.S. Exported Since 2000
1 year ago

Your last sentence says it all and I've been saying the same thing for a long time... the US dollar will lose its reserve status in the future. I'm not sure when, but I keep seeing signs that it could be coming soon. When that happens, I'd rather have my gold and silver than something fiat.

In this article: GLD
What Happened To The Iphone?
2 years ago

I saw a survey back in August that essentially said that Chinese people as a whole felt that the iPhone X was far too expensive and they weren't interested in shelling out that kind of money for a smartphone.

Personally, I have an iPhone SE. I won't be buying another iPhone until Apple offers another one with a 4" screen. For me, the new phones are far too large.

In this article: AAPL
While Everyone Focuses On U.S. Government Shutdown, This Country Faces Crisis
2 years ago

Gold is typically a great asset to hold in times of crisis...

5 Questions On Debt And Financial Crises
2 years ago

Very interesting article... which economies are most at risk then using the alternative model discussed?

Taking Turns With The B(L)S
2 years ago

Yes, you are correct. We also have a problem with the accumulated deficits in that if rates go much higher, the Federal government may start to have difficulty paying the interest due on the debt.

The Case For Responsible Innovation
2 years ago

Good article. I've been worried for a while about where some of these innovations being discussed now may take us or leave humans and so maybe something needs to be done to ensure that innovation is responsible and good for society.

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