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Terminal Tuesday – Ending The Decade With A Bang
The US has edged closer to war as President Trump blamed Iran for an attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. Such a move may not only help Trump in the 2020 election, but serves the dual purpose of also rescuing oil prices.
The Post-Christmas Post
We're still approaching the market with a bit of caution and Asia was pretty flat today, waiting for the US to open and now Europe is flat too – so it's all up to US markets and what kind of mood they are in about an hour.
Monday Market Momentum – On The Road To 3,300
The momentum is still going. It's still about trade as the Trump and Xi have figured out that the more they drag this on, the more the markets seem to like it.
Fa La La Friday – The Weekend Before Christmas
Moody's lowered its outlook on Department Stores heading into the holiday season but it shouldn't affect things much as retailers like Macy's, Kohls, Gap, and L Brands are already in the bottom 20 of the S&P 500 in 2019 performance.
Federally Fueled Wednesday – Low Rates And Tariff Delays – What Can Go Wrong?
The Fed makes their final decision at 2pm.
What Now Wednesday – Trade On? Again?
Personal Income continues to rise as more people get back to work and State by State enacts higher and higher minimum wages but it's a bit of an illusion as Personal Income includes massive amounts of Transfer Receipts.


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A “Black Day” For Walmart – Website Glitches Causes Havoc And Major Losses
6 years ago
This will be difficult for Walmart to come back from. Someone will be losing his/her job for sure.
In this article: WMT
Morning Reads
6 years ago
I'm amazed anyone shops at that Walmart at all!
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Monday Market Musings – Winding Down 2019
There are no major earnings scheduled this week but we get back into the swing of things next week.
Shutdown Friday – Government Closes For Christmas
Not only is Donald Trump stealing the paychecks up to 800,000 Federal Workers just in time for Christmas but GOP Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina, says "It is just part of the risk of working in public service."
Why We Need To Act On Climate Change Now
Phil's Stock World interviews Jan Dash PhD, regarding his thoughts on climate change and the way it can affect our future.

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