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An award-winning, Calgary-based author, editor and writer, Peter McKenzie-Brown has worked for several corporate clients and for industry and business publications. He has written many articles for energy-related magazines and was a coordinator and interviewer for the Petroleum History ... more


Book Review: Peter Mansbridge One On One
When Peter Mansbridge was CBC TV’s chief correspondent, I greatly enjoyed listening to his one-on-one interviews. I was therefore delighted when I found this book in my local library.
S Tech Talk: More On Canada’s Oil Sands Story
Oil prices suggest quite strongly that this commodity hit rock bottom 18 months ago. If this is true, the rising commodity price will mean a rapidly recovering energy sector.
S Tech Talk: Canada’s Oil Sands Story
I think it’s time to put a few Shekels into Suncor, which has been a spectacularly successful oil sands company.
S Tech Talk: Financials Redux
XLF has been consolidating since the end of last year, and now seems to have recovered its oomph.
S Tech Talk: Buying BAD
Badger Daylighting is a Canadian company which provides industrial cleanup services for the resource and other sectors in the economy. It took a deep plunge in response to worries about Trump's rejection of climate change at the G7 meeting,
S Tech Talk: Canadian Utilities
According to the company’s most recent financials, its net income grew by 20.91% in the last 12 months, C$0.79 per share during the most recently completed quarter. This represented a net profit margin of 18.82%.


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Tech Talk: Canada’s Oil Sands Story
5 years ago

I agree with some of that. In this case I'm looking at the near-term move. Also, please remember that demand for oil continues to increase around the world, and investment in developing new supplies has been declining for years.

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Tech Talk: About Transportation, Again….
5 years ago

Thanks, Joe. Interesting comment.

In this article: KMX
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