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Moon Kil Woong is currently a VP at a SME. Previously he was a tech stock consultant, VP of Research at ING, and sell side Director at Crédit Agricole Indosuez. Moon Kil Woong has a Masters in Public Administration from SJSU.


E My Take On Recessionary Indicators
Despite the regularity of economic downturns and the existence of business cycles in a free market economy it is quite obvious that recession calling remains an art more than a science with the scientists being wrong consistently.


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Today's Move In WTI Crude Could Mean Trouble For The Canadian Dollar
14 days ago

Sorry for the late reply. I think we are looking for oil to stabilize first. We might see a decent upward trend after Q1 next year. The issue is that oil has slid because they don't see it rising in the near term.

Could Stocks Crash This Fall?
14 days ago

I think the creative solution is to reverse the whole trade war and come to a few agreements that China will do more to allow foreign competition in their market. Sadly the trade war was started over deficit imbalances which should never be the central issue, especially since the US buys a lot of goods from China to add value and sell their own products. Agreed, if Trump fails the next President is likely to do this. It will benefit them and the economy and is easy to do without the rhetoric Trump feels he needs to "win" something when no one really wins in a full on trade war.

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The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis
14 days ago

The US certainly can't afford to bail them out and China can't either because they need their reserves to support their currency and domestic debt balloon. Clearly the EU is helping the EU nations, however this will end badly. The EU isn't a paradigm of strength either.

Calm Before The Storm
14 days ago

I think the market is looking for something to happen to show a clearer long term direction more than anything else. It may not be bad.

10-Year Note Speculators Raised Their Bearish Bets For 1st Time In 8 Weeks
14 days ago

I think this is more them playing the market volatility between trend lines more than anything else.

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Apple Is Not A Growth Company Anymore
14 days ago

Tech buying back shares to support their stock rarely goes as expected and is usually a bad indicator unless they are growing and profitable as well. It is often done to mask a downturn in demand which is often caused by a change in their market for the worst.

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Week In Review: How Trump's Policies Moved Stocks - November 3, 2019
14 days ago

Sadly #Trump news has obviously moved stocks which is apparent to all. Worse yet, they are being disclosed via a private twitter account which is unfair to many. A rule should be made to curb this.

Don't Give Away Your Crude Gamma
1 month ago

Even if it could the sad fact is there will be a lot of destruction to oil production even if there is a limited war.

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Flashback To The 70’s
1 month ago

Indeed negative rates are bad news. Trump doesn't know what he is talking about when talking about currency or rates.

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Recessionary Shockwaves Slam US Economy As GM Strike Enters Week Four
1 month ago

The economy is weaker due to tariff wars and a slow global economy. However, I think many perceptions of the weakness is overdone. The weaker manufacturing numbers are more manufacturing which has done badly during the Trump Presidency. Sadly he doesn't realize that most of our manufacturing comes from importing cheaper things overseas and making higher brand name equipment here. Higher steel prices makes us less competitive not more competitive. Sadly, US steel workers are hurting because it is slowing the business of their clients who are now cutting back.

This is a way to export manufacturing and kill the US not the other way around.

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