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Gross Domestic Income GDI Suggests The US Is In Recession Right Now
Gross Domestic Income (GDI) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are two measures of the same thing. But they radically differ in outlook.
Real Disposable Income Is Flat, But Real Spending Jumps 0.5 Percent
A jump in the PCE price index took away the entirety of gains in disposable personal income.
Trade Deficit In Goods Jumps 17 Percent As Imports Surge And Exports Plunge
Economists missed the mark badly on the trade deficit this month fueled by a 5.5 percent decline in exports.
NVDA Jumps 24 Percent, Flirts With $1 Trillion Market Cap, And Biggest Jump Ever
Nvidia came close to setting a record for most significant market cap gain in history today, jumping 24 percent. It's closing in on a trillion-dollar market cap.
How Did The FOMC Minutes Change The Market's Perception Of Fed Policy?
The Fed has posted minutes of the FOMC meeting on May 2-3. Let's take a look how the Fed Funds Futures reacted to the minutes.
Fed Minutes Include Expectation Of No Rate Cuts Through January 2024
The Fed has posted minutes of the FOMC meeting on May 2-3. Let's take a look at six key ideas from the minutes.


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BAC Bank of America Corporation
C Citigroup Inc.
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp
FXE Euro Currency Trust
GE General Electric Company
URI United Rentals Inc.
WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc.



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Coinbase Crypto Model: Lure Fools Into Crappy Altcoins For Profit
A warning to crypto investors everywhere.
Panic Sets In: New York Declares State Of Emergency Over Omicron Covid-19 Variant
Precautionary measure will allow hospitals to turn away patients seeking nonurgent care.
California Decriminalized Shoplifting For Amounts Under $950, Guess What Happened
Walgreens closed 22 stores in San Francisco where thefts under $950 are effectively decriminalized.
Trump Sues Georgia Sec Of State Over Leaked Phone Call
Trump pressured Georgia officials to "find votes", then sued Brad Raffensperger over the disclosure.
As Trump Endorsers Election Fraud, It's No Longer "Pretty Early"
A few days ago North Carolina was narrowly in Trump's column. But his election bounce is fading. North Carolina is now narrowly back in Biden's column.
Republicans Propose A Means Test Instead Of $600 Weekly Benefits
Despite what is being reported, benefits just expired; unless a deal is worked out this week and made retroactive, there will be missed checks. Politically speaking, the Republicans just stepped on a landmine.
Trump No Longer The Odds-On Favorite To Win In November
Until now, the one thing Trump supporters could and did repeat was their guy was ahead. That's no longer the case.
Escape Illinois: Get The Hell Out Now, We Are
Illinois is second to Alaska in net outbound migration. Many move out, but few move in.

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Investment Advisor Representative
Sitka Pacific Capital Management
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Sitka Pacific Capital Management is here to provide the absolute return investment plan you have been searching for to protect and grow your assets. Whether you are looking to take the next step beyond a traditional asset manager, for a way to invest that is both growth oriented and focused on risk management, or a managed exposure to a specific investment theme to complement your overall portfolio, we can help you achieve your goals.
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January 1998 - Present (25 years 9 months)
In addition to having my own company I am an investment advisor rep for Sitka Pacific Capital Management


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