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TheMercenary Geologist, Michael S. Mickey Fulp, is a Certified Professional Geologist with a B.Sc. Earth Sciences with honor from the University of Tulsa, and M.Sc. Geology from the University of New Mexico. Mickey has 35 years experience as an exploration geologist and analyst searching for ... more


Year-End Trading For Americans And Canadians
A savvy speculator can generate short-term profits by making select buys when the mass psychology of the marketplace begets indiscriminate selling to lessen capital gains taxes.
When Manic Leads To Panic
Speculative markets driven by mass psychology behave irrationally at times.
Market Performances Of The Trump Era
The past four years have produced remarkable returns indeed for the pocketbooks of average American investors and stock market speculators alike.
Game-Changing Milestones Are Now In The Bag
The relatively small universe of attractive copper exploration and development stocks has significantly lagged gold-focused peers over the past three months.
When The United States Snoozes, It Loses
China now controls the world's cesium supply, a critical mineral formerly controlled by the US. China is once again the early bird that gets the worm while the US snoozes and loses.
Critical Cesium Supply Is Sold To China
The US is dependent on China for 20 of the 35 critical mineral commodities on the Department of Interior’s list. Now yet another critical mineral will be turned over unless steps are taken by the US government to block a proposed sale.


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Work Experience

Newsletter Writer, Analyst, and Speaker
2008 - Present (15 years 4 months)

Newsletter writer, analyst, and speaker, MercenaryGeologist.com

Independent Geologist and Analyst
1987 - Present (36 years 8 months)

Clients include major mining and junior resource companies, consulting firms, private companies, newsletter and website writers, investment funds, brokers, and private investors. Geologic mapping, sampling, property and company evaluation and analysis, prospect generation, program management, drilling supervision, mineral appraisal and audit, claim staking, land work and research, corporate presentation, financing, business development.

Chief Geologist
Global Hunter Corp.
2004 - 2007 (3 years 2 months)

Delineation of Las Posadas copper oxide deposit, Region IV Chile.

Exploration Geologist
Santa Fe Pacific Mining
1981 - 1987 (6 years 3 months)

Project geologist and manager, Pecos Greenstone Belt, New Mexico, supervised 25 personnel including geologists, miners, and drillers in Jones Hill Mine delineation and test mine development; discovery of Tootsie Creek gold deposit, Montana; reconnaissance programs, drill projects, property examinations, and acquisition evaluations throughout western U.S.A.


University of Tulsa
Earth Sciences with Honors
University of New Mexico


Mercenary Geologist
Mickey Fulp
Society of Economic Geologists
Mickey Fulp

Southwestern US regional editor