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I have been in the market since 1981. I have set international records in option trading contests, lost a few fortunes (of my own) as well. I have written 6 articles for Futures Truth magazine, including 3 cover stories. I have also written about 25 articles for as well as ... more


"WalkenTalking" On Gold And Silver
Mike Levin, aka "Walken Talking," goes Crazy for Gold and Silver through the $GLD and the $AGQ ETFs.


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November 2008 - Present (13 years 9 months)
I started Genuine Trading to further my consulting career as a knowledgeable person in automated trading systems, indicators and portfolio strategy of trading systems. I represent Accredited Investors (as well as others with a tolerance for risk) and institutions as well as manage the businesses of some of the top systems/indicator developers in the US.
Recruiter and Business Developer
Many Different Firms
January 1981 - November 2008 (28 years 3 months)
Became a broker, traded, ran trading firms, hired traders, trained traders, beta tested software and everything involved in trading. I have done this for over 30 years. I am well known in the Automated Systems area of alternative investments and deal with the owners of the top firms for Indicators as well. I give Genuine advice to people/firms without regard to whether I will make $ on the transaction or not. "Old School IS the New School."


School of Hard Knocks
Expert, Psychology of Markets
1976 / 2008
I choose to educate myself rather than go to college. I went out on my own and worked and got experience and succeeded and failed over and over again. I've gotten much better at succeeding and learning from things when they didn't seem to go my way.
George Washington High School
1971 / 1976