Director of Research, Chaikin Analytics
Marc Gerstein (Twitter: @MHGerstein), Director of Research at Chaikin Analytics, is an oddball sort of quant. He has long specialized in rules/factor-based equity investing strategies and has been addicted to stock screening since the days when the ...more


The Market May Or May Not Crash But Even If It Does, You Don’t Have To Follow It Down
As challenging as market timing is, we don’t have to choose between doing it or closing our eyes and hoping for the best.
Two Non-Generic ETFs For A Potential Small-Cap Driven Market
If small-caps really are moving into the market driver’s seat, that would be a big development, particularly in what this says about risk tolerance. Let’s look at the potential for this to be sustainable, and, if it is, what ETFs we might consider.
Tech Ideas For Those Who Are Worried About High Valuations
Tech has been a terrific place to be for a while now, and still is.
What It Will Take For Small-Capitalization Stocks And ETFs To Shine
In terms of financial theory and logic, it doesn’t and never did exist.
An Alternative Approach To REIT Selection: Going Quant
If there’s one thing that’s plentiful on the internet today its commentary on Real Estate Investment Trusts and plenty of interested investors eager to consume it. Much of it, however, consists of largely subjective fundamental judgment.
Why I Don’t Expect A Value-Crash In Future-FANMAG Type Stocks
If stock valuation was about nothing more than looking at ratios, a first-grader would be an expert. But many investors are loath to even consider moving beyond a simple high-to-low ratio sort.


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Screening To Shield REIT Yield Hogs From The Butcher’s Knife
4 years ago

I don’t do that becasuse I don’t have the expertise to second-guess management. I figure that if the #s are good, management earns the right to be trusted in their judgments. (This is where publicly-owned entitites differ from closely-held companies. There’s a limit to how far we can take the part-owner idea.)

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Chaikin Analytics is not by any means the only place where you can find stock price charts that include technical indicators. But it may well be the best place to interpret, derive a story, from such charts.
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Robo-Investing is being trumpeted as the next big thing for investors. Is it for real? for me it is. I've been doing successfully for about 20 years

Work Experience

Director of Investment Research
May 2008 - Present (15 years 3 months)

Provides on-line platform enabling investors to follow and invest in quant models, to create their own quant strategies, and research stocks and markets; I do product development, commentary, education and edit Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report (through joint venture between Portfolio123 and Forbes).

Director of Investment Research
Thomson Reuters
February 1999 - May 2008 (9 years 5 months)

Participated in development and management of investment web sites and stock screening tools; published web articles

Co. was Market Guide 1999-2000; Multex 2000-03; Reuters 2003-08; Thomson Reuters 2008-

Assistant Research Director
Value Line
December 1980 - February 1999 (18 years 6 months)

Securities Analyst, Portfolio Manager  (Junk Bond) in mid-1980s, Editor, Assistant Research Director


Brooklyn Law School
NYU Stern School of Business


The Value Connection
Marc Gerstein

A screening-based value strategy and a market-implied valuation approach to assessing valuations of individual stocks.

Screening the Marekt
Marc Gerstein

An Accessible and Systematic Stock Screening Method to Improve Profits. Turns the chancy art of picking stocks into a screen-based science. Next time someone tells you to do your stock market homework, tell them you read this book. Step 1: Find stocks worthy of consideration, Step 2: Analyze stocks that come to your attention; Step 3: Buy the ones that most match your criteria, and Step 4: Sell the ones that meet your sell rules.