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I have over 40 years experience working in oil and gas accounting with privately held oil and gas producing companies. I also cover precious metals and have a blog that covers monetary system issues and the potential for major future monetary system change.


Where Do Things Stand - What Things Should We Monitor?
Who decides what money is holds immense power over what actually happens all the way down to the individual level. The big picture issues are likely more tied to how the future will unfold than any single issue in politics.
Silver Chart - A Range Within A Range Within A Range?
If it seems like silver has been stuck in a trading range for some time.
Should Millennials Care About Gold & Silver?
If you are young and your vision of the future includes a world filled with solar energy, long life batteries, cell phones, and electric cars, silver is the metal for you.
Is Silver A Key To The Future?
The recent news about a potential attempt to squeeze the price of silver higher has attracted the interest of millions of people who may be new to the precious metals markets and in particular the silver market.
News Note: Post Election Update
The US election is now officially completed with no official winner.
A Deeper Dive Into US Household Wealth Distribution & The Wealth Gap
It's election time once again and as always, the economy will probably be the biggest issue in most voters minds.




Latest Posts
Fed Chairman Discusses A US "Digital Currency" With Congress
We continue to monitor this space since central banks do continue to talk about the idea of possible issuing central bank digital currencies. We have several articles on the blog this month that cover various aspects of this issue.
Robert Pringle ( Talks About Central Banks, Money, And Where We Might Be Going In The Future
Robert Pringle has covered central bankers from inside the system for decades. Now he shares some insights on the impact of central banks and money on society.
Politics Aside - What Do We Watch In 2020? - The Fed (Plus Jim Rickards Thoughts)
We need to watch all this new money creation going on at the Fed as we head into an election year. Jim Rickards offers his thoughts on it as well.
Earth Reserve Assurance - A Sound Money Framework
Economist Joseph Potvin proposes a new framework based on valuing resources long term for monetary system reform.
Off Topic - Family Health Issue
Family Health Issue - Liver Disease
Comparing Bitcoin/Cryptos To Using Credit Cards For Payments
This article compares using regular credit cards to cryptos like Bitcoin for making routine purchase payments.
Reaction To Facebook Libra - An Open Letter From Steve Forbes To Mark Zuckerberg
Steve Forbes writes an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg and says he should back the new Facebook Libra coin with gold.
Jim Rickards Discusses His New Book - "Aftermath"
Jim Rickards talks about his new book and offers an update on his forecast for events that could lead to major change.

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