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Weekly Market Pulse: Things That Need To Happen
While the goods economy is certainly slowing – and with good reason and potentially good effect in my opinion – the services side of the economy continues to recover from COVID.
Weekly Market Pulse: Risk, Uncertainty & Opportunity
When uncertainty is resolved negatively we call it risk. When it is resolved positively we call it opportunity. If you are an investor and sell every time your perception of uncertainty rises you will avoid risk but you will also miss opportunities.
Weekly Market Pulse: Inevitable?
Inevitable. I heard that word a lot last week. There is now a fully formed consensus that the US, and indeed the world, must now prepare for an inevitable recession. It can’t be avoided.
Weekly Market Pulse: 'TANSTAAFL'
'TANSTAAFL' is an acronym for “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” In economics it most often refers to tradeoffs or opportunity costs; resources are scarce and if you choose to use them in one way, they aren’t available for an alternate use.
Weekly Market Pulse: Fat Pitch?
If inflation expectations fall as rapidly as they rose, the fat pitch will come in the bond market.
Weekly Market Pulse - Monday, April 18
It may be time to go contrarian. In this interview, I talk about stocks, bonds & commodities.


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Keystone Comes A Cropper
5 years ago

I question the very first assumption in that infographic. Unless oil prices remain high there is no economic reason to mine tar sands in Alberta. It is expensive, dirty oil. Is it economic at $45? I have my doubts. And if it isn't, there is no reason for the pipeline. Having said that, if Trans-Canada wants to build it with their own funds, let'em. If it fails their shareholders will pay the price.

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