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Is China's Influence Around The World Really Growing?
Why I think China's influence economically is overstated.
E The Performance Evaluation Report Card (PERC) Methodology Explained
A PERC program can be put in place in response to a crisis to drive rapid improvements, but can be also run for years or decades in order to prevent future problems. It is a powerful system with a light touch.
E Embryos Of Globanomics And Some Of Its Principals
A discussion about the embryos of globanomics and some of its principals.
E The China Is A "Paper Tiger" Thing Revisited
I have been giving more thought to my claim that China is a “paper tiger." Let's see how China fares against other countries in the ten business categories defined in the Forbes Global 2000 business market value index.
E Ten-Year History Of Global Investment By Market Category
Ten business sectors account for the total global market value, which was $36.9 Trillion in 2011 and $54.3 Trillion in 2020. Let's have a look at the ten-year history of global investment by market category.
E How The World Turns Day After Day After Day
This article explains my optimism for future world conditions, including business and market conditions..


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19 minutes ago

That could be the best way to handle things, but any Republican that does vote better not vote for the extremist--otherwise, they are part of the "other" group.

BTW, i believe both parties should change their names.  The Lincoln Pary for the old republicans and the Jefferson Party for the Democrats.  There are too many false stigmas to both of the current parties.  I think name changes associated with previously great presidents and men could not hurt either party.

Back Home Again In Indiana
2 days ago

It is really sad.  Although you are right on the point that i have never been a GOP type person, but i do look back on Reagan as someone i at least respect.  His affect on the world stage has come and gone.  I have always said the best thing for Real Republicans (real conservatives) to do is to go ahead and break off and form a new party called The Lincoln Party.  Trump has so desicrated the term Republican these days.  And that desicration will hang on to the Republican Party, like the Nazi Party in Germany.

Sure you will lose most elections in the next five or six years, but after that we might at least get somewhat back to where we were before.  The elections are going to be lost regardless of what the Real Republicans do, but if the Real Republicans (real conservatives) vote a "third" time (i.e., 2016, 2020, 2024?) for Trump then i say fuck them real conservatives because they are just as bad as those stupid-ass Republicans.

Watched The President Speak Yesterday
22 days ago

Where do you guys get all of your conspiracy theories?  Why waste your time reading my posts?  I am not a cospiracy theory clown and you are not going to turn me into one.  

My Saddest Post
26 days ago

Trump left Biden with bad options.  If we stayed, i do believe we would have had to send more troops back in and Biden would be blamed for that.  I also believe things would have been worse (god forbid) if Trump was still acting as our President.  But from my perspective (i.e., hindsight opinion), we should have stayed.  Biden's actions sadden me because i believe it puts a damper on globanomics.

Afghanistan And Globanomics
1 month ago

I did not know that, but i will say this--I received more hits with "fkdflk" this morning than most days.  To tell you the truth, Alpha, I do not expect much of an audience to my posts.  I believe I have a key audience of four and that suits me well.  If i wanted more views, i would write articles, but I have quit writing articles for Talkmarkets because of editorial issues.  Regardless i will start typing in "globanomics" in lieu of "fkdflk" in the article summary section because that is essentially what all of my posts are about.  Even so, i  think i will still end up with only an audience of four on most days.

Afghanistan And Globanomics
1 month ago

Hell, Trump could not even take over the United States on January 6 before he "left" the White House for Maralago for good.  Why do you think he would have done better than Biden in leaving Afghanistan?  It was Trump who put Biden in the situation where he had to defend Afghanistan with 2,500 people or increase the troop level.  Trump was also somewhat responsible for the training of the Afghan Army.  You guys in Texas seem to like Trump so much, why don't you secede, rejoin Mexico, and take Trump with you.  That would benefit both the United States and Mexico (maybe not Mexico on second thought).  By the way, have you gotten your vaccination shot yet?  Texas Hunter?  Make me laugh.

Alice's Restaurant
1 month ago

Thank you. I am proud of that article because it surprises a lot of people when they see the facts. Feel free to share the article with your friends and colleagues.

American Optimism Plummets 20%`
1 month ago

You may be right and i might have been a little too harsh. However, i am one of the most optimistic Americans there is and even i am losing faith with the Administration's bureaucratic (same-o same-o) approach to problem solving. In the world of globanomics, problems get resolved faster and better than under the same-o same-o approach. And i do not understand the Administration's hesitation to implement globanomics around the world.

Blinken On MSNBC
1 month ago


Blinken On MSNBC
1 month ago

Have you ever thought about googling the term? I see that you are not familiar with my articles and posts.

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