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It's An Option Buyer's Market
Without a thorough understanding of the behavior of stock options, it’s not just possible to lose money buying options on the right stock at the right time, it is actually very common. What you need to know.
Dow Jones Observations
While it's impossible to know if the markets are going to ever correct again (slight sarcasm), one can't deny that the strength of the recent move is deteriorating.
S&P 500 Stretched Like A Spring
Stock prices tend to act like a spring. The further they are stretched to their limits, the further they tend to snap back in the opposite direction.
The US Dollar Remains Stubbornly Bullish
The dollar stubbornly refuses to fall, even though it too (like crude/bonds) is very deep into its Daily and Investor Cycle timing. Technically it is weakening, as seen within the indicators on the chart below.
Stairs Up And Elevator Down?
This reflex, counter-trend Cycle move has now added 180 points in 10 sessions, more than eclipsing the 17 session fall that preceded it. They often say that equities take the “stairs up and an elevator down,” which is why I find it very difficult to respect a move of this magnitude.
Crude Has Likely Hit Rock Bottom
In the past, we’ve discussed at length the structural problems facing Crude. So the pressure the energy markets are under, both from the demand and supply sides, should come as no surprise.


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Could QTMM Be The Next PLUG?
8 years ago
Because often the charts tell us what we don't know. Was Plug's business as viable when it was under a buck? Probably not. The chart was the early warning sign that this was about to have a big run.
In this article: QTMM, PLUG
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International Financial Show-Down Looming?
The video presentation of Christine Lagarde in the article is presented as an occult message to the power elite using numerological theories. In the video she presents the number 7 in multiple date sequences.

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