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Jeff Miller was a partner in NewArc Investments from 1997-2019.  After the purchase of NewArc by Incline Investment Advisors, Jeff became the Portfolio Manager for the combined firm. Jeff is a registered investment advisor. He has worked for market ... more


Weighing The Week Ahead: Is It Time To Worry About Inflation?
Some thought leaders are wondering: Is it time to worry about inflation? With both the PPI and CPI reports this week, now is as good a time as any to consider this question.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Will Middle East Conflict Bring An End To The Bull Market?
the U.S./Iran confrontation has taken center stage. Financial media will pursue each of the many threads, not always sticking to market implications. The key question will be: Will Middle East conflict bring an end to the bull market?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Does Historical Analysis Improve Market Forecasts?
This week some reporters will take a look instead at events from the past decade. This raises a good question for our consideration: Does analyzing history improve our market forecasts?
Weighing The Week Ahead: Investors Too Complacent?
The economic calendar is very light and interrupted by the mid-week holiday. We can always see volatility when volume is low, but many market participants will be on an extended holiday. I expect many to be asking: Are investors too complacent?
Stock Exchange: Intuition Or Intu Wishing?
Nobody knows what the future holds. Investing like you “know” what will happen in the future to the positions in your portfolio is dangerous indeed. Focus on refining your process and investing according to how the markets are behaving… right now.
Weighing The Week Ahead: Whose Year-ahead Vision Is 20/20?
The calendar will be driving financial media through the end of the year. It is the time for the de rigueur forecasts for the year ahead. The key question? Whose vision of the year ahead is 20/20?


AAPL Apple Inc.
AIG American International Group Inc
AMGN Amgen Inc.
BBRY (now BB) BlackBerry Ltd
CAT Caterpillar Inc.
GDX Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF
IBM International Business Machines Corporation
IWM iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund
MSFT Microsoft Corporation
XLV Health Care Select Sector SPDR
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Board Chairman
2000 - Present (20 years 4 months)
Advisor, business architect, and board member.
Helix BioMedix
September 1998 - Present (21 years 8 months)
Chairman of Compensation and Governance Committees
President & CEO
NewArc Investments
August 1997 - Present (22 years 9 months)
Small investment company has great results for individual investors and partnerships.
Expert Witness and Consultant
Capital Markets Research
July 1991 - Present (29 years)
Quantitative analysis of investment issues and damages. Federal court testimony, depositions, reports, settlement assistance.


University of Michigan
1970 / 1974
Political Science. Specialized in quantitative analysis of public policy and economics.