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I Know First is a financial services firm that utilizes an advanced self-learning algorithm to analyze, model and predict the stock market.
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Nvidia Stock Forecast – Growing Gaming Revenue Can Easily Offset Cryptocurrency-Mining’s Decline
Nvidia is still worth betting on. The stock dropped almost 17% after earnings report on November, attributable to the demise of crypto-mining boom.
Empire & Puzzles Acquisition Likely To Increase Zynga’s Net Income By 100% Or More
Zynga’s average monthly revenue based on its quarterly report is only $74.25 million. Its recent acquisition of Small Giant Games can boost its monthly revenue by $16 million (+21.5%).
Amazon Stock Prediction For 2019: Two Emerging Important Tailwinds For Amazon
Taking a contrarian view and buying AMZN while it trades below $1,400 could possibly turn out judicious. On the other hand, AMZN has negative market forecasts.
The Cloud Dream Drives Amazon Surge
Sustainable growth despite the intense competition.
Qualcomm Heavily Investing In Technological Breakthroughs
QCOM releases the first high-performance processor, marking the new era of economics and energy efficiency for operating a data center.
Netflix Stock Predictions: Strong International Subscriber Growth Is Why Netflix Is A Buy
Netflix enjoys a stratospheric valuation when compared to other technology tickers. Like Amazon and Facebook, Netflix is a growth-driven company. Unlike Amazon though, Netflix has made a successful global expansion.




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AI-Based Predictive Algorithm Shows Accuracy Up To 79% In Daily Bitcoin Price Forecast
The I Know First predictive AI algorithm has been able to forecast the movement of Bitcoin price with an accuracy of up to 78.77%, says the evaluation report issued by the Israel-based company on December 29, 2020.
Five WealthTech Companies That You Should Know About
The traditional understanding of what a financial institution does and the function it serves in wealth management is undoubtedly changing.
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Artificial Intelligence: How Modern Financial Institutions Use AI?
AI is a hotly debated topic. Especially with the entrance of AI into the home with the likes of AMZN Alexa and AAPL Siri.I Know First provides an AI product that boasts successful performance market forecasting and wealth solutions.
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NFLX Stock Forecast: Netflix Is Keeping Up Through Content Creation
While the streaming market is growing as more consumers consume content and more competition is entering the space, Netflix will maintain its grasp on subscribers through its continued focus on original content.
Nvidia Stock Prediction: Buy Nvidia – Growing Gaming Revenue Can Easily Offset Cryptocurrency-Mining’s Decline
Nvidia is still worth betting on. The continuing growth in gaming revenue can make up for the lack of demand from crypto-currency mining.
Microsoft Stock Forecast: Why On-Premise Office 2019 Is Still Important For Microsoft
The reliable release of new, better versions of Microsoft Office is a good reason to hold on to your MSFT shares (or buy more). Desktop Windows and Office software products are no longer the main source of Microsoft’s profits.

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