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At Elliottwave-Forecast, we offer 24 hour coverage of 52 instruments from Monday – Friday using Elliott Wave Theory as primary tools of analysis. We provide Elliott Wave chart in 4 different time frames, up to 4 times a day update in 1 hour chart, two live sessions by our expert analysts, ... more


Support Area For Silver
Elliott Wave View of Silver (XAG) suggests the cycle from September 1 high has ended at 25.82 low. From there, the metal bounces higher.
FTSE Selling The Rallies At The Blue Box Area
The current view suggests that the Index is correcting the cycle from the 6298.8 peak. Recovery is having the form of Elliott Wave Zig Zag Pattern that should ideally complete at 6075.33-6203.45.
AUDJPY: Support Becomes Resistance
After sellers pushed the price lower, AUDJPY found a temporary lower low. Then, the pair started to make a correction pullback higher.
Correction In Oil Completed
The correction unfolded as double three Elliott Wave Structure. Down from August 26 high, wave ((W)) ended at 40.22 low.
Forecasting The Rally Higher For Palladium
Palladium is expected to do a pullback which could unfold as a zigzag correction or double three corrections.
United States Oil Fund (USO) Longer Term Cycles & Elliott Wave
USO put in an all-time high at 953.36 in July 2008. Is 2008 going to repeat itself?


CL Colgate-Palmolive Co.
DAX Recon Capital DAX Germany ETF
DIS The Walt Disney Company
GOLD Barrick Gold Corporation
NFLX Netflix Inc.
OIL iPath B S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR ETN
SBUX Starbucks Corporation
USD ProShares Ultra Semiconductors
USO United States Oil Fund, LP
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Elliott Wave View: Support Area For Silver
Elliott Wave View of Silver (XAG) suggests the cycle from September 1 high has ended as wave (1) at 25.82 low. From there, the metal bounce higher in wave (2). The correction unfolded as zigzag Elliott Wave Structure.
Elliott Wave View: S&P 500 E Mini Futures (ES) Correction In Progress
Elliott Wave View of S&P 500 E-mini Futures (ES) suggests the Index ended the cycle from June 15 low as wave ((3)) at 3587 high. From there, Index has extended lower to correct that cycle.

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