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A Banking Crisis Shouldn’t Be The Taxpayer’s Problem
No one worried about a “banking crisis” until 2008. The bank bailouts amounted to trillions, punishing savers & taxpayers in the process.
The Wolves Are Devouring The Sheep
The Fed leaped into action when the Silicon Valley Bank failed, and Congress quickly agreed they were derelict in their duties. No one asked why the Fed doesn’t act to keep us safe.
Are All Banks Going Broke?
All banks are not going broke. Until something changes, “too big to fail” is going to cost taxpayers dearly. Keep your deposits under the FDIC limits, and hammer politicos to do their regulatory job.
Does Anyone Care About Drowning In Debt?
If the government couldn’t borrow in the free market at artificially low rates, the Fed created money out of thin air and added US debt to its balance sheet.
What Does The Fed Have To Break?
While Fed Chairman Jerome Powell appears determined to bring inflation down to their 2% target, inflation is far from under control.
Is Bed Bath & Beyond Leading The Way?
Bed Bath & Beyond, once a stock market darling, is nearly bankrupt. Why?


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Closed-End Bond Funds, Friend Or Foe?
4 years ago

Hi Alexis,

You ask a good question. I just realized something. I had a box in the article explaining a closed end fund and it did not get published.


A closed-end bond fund has a manager who is paid a fee to oversee the investments.

Unlike a mutual fund that will redeem your shares, closed end funds trade like stocks. When you buy or sell, your broker facilitates a trade with another investor.


A closed end fund has a fixed number of shares. It trades like a stock as the manager is buying and selling bonds all the time and determining the dividend payout.

Hope this helps,

Dennis Miller

In this article: PFFR, PFFA
Closed-End Bond Funds, Friend Or Foe?
4 years ago

Hi Susan,

Thank you for taking the time to write, we appreciate that.

Best regards,


In this article: PFFR, PFFA
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