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Three Things Happened In The Market On May 15th, And They All Indicate Inflation
The yield on the U.S.10-Year Treasury, the price of oil, and declining emerging market currencies are all pointing to a rising inflationary environment. This represents a sea change from the last 30 years.
Why A New Long-Term Uptrend In Interest Rates Has Begun
Yields on the 10-Year Treasury peaked in 1981 and fell until 2012. They've moved sideways since then. They are about to reverse course and enter a new multi-year uptrend.
Trump’s Impact On The Market May Be Both Short And Long Term
Markets have priced in a Clinton win in the presidential election, although polls are neck and neck. In the UK Brexit vote, a loss was priced in because polls indicated it. When Brexit won, markets tanked. The same will happen in U.S. if Trump wins.
It Wasn't UK Stocks That Went Down The Most From BREXIT
Before the UK BREXIT vote, opponents claimed that the consequences would be financially disastrous for Britain. A global analysis of the market's reaction the next day, indicates the impact of BREXIT was much worse for parts of the EU instead
Can The Spectacular Rally In Steel And Iron Ore Continue?
Steel and iron ore have had huge rallies in the last three months, with some stocks being up as much as 175%. Events in China are behind the rally and an incipient bubble seems to be forming. Authorities are trying to rein in the frothy trading.
Nine Dow Stocks With The Most Bearish Charts
At the end of Q1 2016, the Dow has nine stocks that have fairly bearish charts. These stocks should either be avoided or potentially shorted.


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Using The Double-Death Cross For Improved Sell Signals
7 years ago

Thanks! There will be followup articles explaining more.

May Retail Sales: Finally Some Evidence Of A Spring Bounce
8 years ago

Yes, but it's bounce in inflation.

If Crude Oil Hits $35, Which Countries Could Be Impacted The Most
8 years ago

If oil hits $35 a barrel, the country most impacted will be Fantasy Land. #WTI #Brent #crude $CL

Russian Contagion Spreads To European Banks: French SocGen, Austrian Raiffeisen Plummet
8 years ago

In 1998 when Russia defaulted, the NASDAQ lost 30% in one month. US/EU can wind up screwed big time by contagion.

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