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When the housing bubble burst back in 2008 I was still trading equity options on the American Stock Exchange.

At the time I was stunned, and found it odd how almost no one had seen it coming.

Yet when I started reading about the investors who had forecast the crisis and ... more


How Will 5% Inflation Affect The Silver Market?
This week's 5% inflation number was shocking to everyone. Fortunately, the impact can be positive when you understand what’s happening.
CPI Inflation For May Hits 5%
The numbers are in, and they’re even more shocking than anyone on Wall Street expected, as the US CPI inflation metric for May hit an unbelievable 5%.
U S Mint Admits There’s A “Global Silver Shortage”
WIth even the US Mint admitting there is a global silver shortage, one wonders if the bullion banks' fractional reserve scheme is close to the end of the road.
What Will It Take For Silver To Break Through $30 Level
In recent weeks and months the silver market has learned that there are additional obstacles to the silver price breaking through the $30 level, that the CFTC hadn’t informed anyone about outside of the banks.
Silver Continues To Leave SLV And Go Into PSLV
While the silver price remains in the same range it’s been in over the past year, the inflows in and out of SLV and PSLV tell a different story beneath the surface.
Watch For Silver To Close At $26 On Tuesday
Options expiration in silver is coming up this Tuesday, and the open interest offers a few clues that you won’t find in your local CPM report.




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