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Carl Dincesen is the Founder of Benchmark Bond Ratings, Inc. Benchmark provides private municipal bond credit ratings on a fee paid basis to bond investors on a by request basis.

In addition to consulting, Dincesen was the director  public finance credit  risk management ... more


S Changes To Our Healthcare System Could Spell Problems For Healthcare Equities And Debt
Have healthcare investors considered all the risks, including government interventions that could include price control of insurance premiums and reimbursements paid to healthcare providers.
A Way Out For Puerto Rico And Its Creditors – Too Credible To Be Ignored
The best outcome for COFINA investors happens when use of an all-inclusive retail sales tax to secure the bonds is held unconstitutional. Being relieved of this large fixed debt burden...
S Puerto Rico's Governor Padilla With Pants On Fire, Gets His Wish - Defaulting On Constitutional Debt
The public has been fooled by the Governor. Will PROMESA be fooled, complacent or uphold the law and US Constitution?.
S The Congress May Find Its Plenary Power Has Limits Regarding Payment Of Puerto Rico’s Debt
Writing down the government’s general obligation debt versus that of its state corporations and municipalities is not only a bad idea, it would constitute a violation of the due process.
Puerto Rico Needs To Restructure All Of Its Debt, Says Ravitch And Others
Mr. Ravitch and liberal members of Congress apparently see no difference between a U.S. municipality seeking protection in federal court and a U.S. state or possession doing the same.
Half Of Puerto Rico's General Fund Debt Is Either Optional Pay, Or Invalid COFINA Bonds- Bankruptcy Is Not A Solution
With a missed payment on GO bonds, there is no doubt that one or more holders of GO bonds will go to court challenging the constitutionality of the legislative act that created COFINA ...


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The Congress May Find Its Plenary Power Has Limits Regarding Payment Of Puerto Rico’s Debt
6 years ago

the federal government is deeper in debt than any state.

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Attention: Commonwealth Of Puerto Rico Constitutional Debt Owners - New GO Creditor Group Looking To Challenge PROMESA
The Constitutional Bond Investor Creditors group, CBIC seeks uninsured individual investors, like myself, and institutional holders who will join us.

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