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Market Ramp Continues SPX 3400 Ahead?
Another strong risk-on session in the markets today with equities up by 75 to 100 basis points in Asian and morning European trade. There was no major news driving markets today except momentum as the S&P neared all-time highs.
Markets Ignore Risks… For Now
China sanctions 11 US officials including Senator Marco Rubio in response to the increasingly hostile stance from the Trump Administration which threatened to ban Tik Tok by September if the company did not sell its US operations to a US buyer.
A Double Whammy Of Trouble For Stocks?
Equity markets were slightly lower with the dollar up across the board ahead of the key US NFP report today as traders awaited evidence of US economic stabilization in a COVID stricken world.
BoE Pumps Pound; All Else Quiet
Global markets were generally quiet in typical summer doldrums mood with stock index futures nearly flat while most of the currencies were moribund with the exception of the pound which rose more than 50 pips in the wake of hawkish BoE meeting.
Markets Up But Data Looms
The bid was back in the markets today with equities up by about 50 basis points while the dollar continued to fall against high beta currencies on risk-off flows.
Are Markets Setting Up For A Micro-Crash?
Equities were lower in early European dealing with stock index futures sliding by 25 basis points on slightly risk-off tone and the dollar resumed its downward slide losing about 20-30 pips against most of the major pairs.


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