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Dedicated To Linda
1 year ago

Jim, I am so sorry to hear this tragic news. My heart goes out to you.  Linda sounds like she was an incredible person.  The world will be worse off from the loss.

Thinking of you during this difficult time.

Market Forecasts For 4th Quarter 2021 And Beyond
1 year ago

No problem Herb, we added them for  you.

In this article: QQQ, IVV, IWD, IWF, IWM, MDY, AMC, SEDG, NTLA
Benevolent Benefactor
2 years ago

Hi Jim, so sorry if there's been some confusion, but the good news is that yes! As a contributor to TalkMarkets, you are earning equity for helping us grow. As others have mentioned, we have links throughout the site and in the emails you receive, about the equity program. But I see from our records that you had been in touch with Richard Hernandez and Caitlin Fottrell about our equity program, from our Welcome Team, back in 2017 when you first joined the site. But I can resend you the intro email we shared, which provides a thorough walkthrough of our contributor program. I'll also message you with some more info directly as a lot of this info is for contributor eyes only.

Don't hesitate to reach out when you are confused about this!

Saliva Test For COVID-19 With "Less Than 1 Second" Results Enters Trial Phase In Israel
3 years ago

Some good news. @[Roger Keats](user:10012), @[Judah David Powers](user:82828)

Dollar – 2 Reasons Why Friday Is The Big Day
3 years ago

A sobering scenario. @[Roger Keats](user:10012).

Changing The Way We Fight Covid-19
3 years ago

Some interesting thoughts. @[Judah David Powers](user:82828), you'd probably like this article.

What Will It Look Like In 15 Years?
3 years ago

Not to worry, you can post whatever you'd like to your personal blog section. No need to be finance related.

The Thing In The Sky - A Coronavirus Story
3 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. Please try again, it should be working now.

Closed-End Bond Funds, Friend Or Foe?
4 years ago

Yes, an excellent read. Highly recommended.

In this article: PFFR, PFFA
A Look Into The Belly Of The Bear
4 years ago

Thanks Bill!

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