Bernard Dozier was awed by economics as a five year old farm boy. Standing in the yard of a little farmhouse in south Arkansas he watched convoys of dilapidated vehicles carrying impoverished refugees and their belongings from the foreclosures of the Dust Bowl to an uncertain future ... more


Looks Like We're Headed Back To The 1930's
Every day now we're seeing the true value of stocks, whose prices were inflated by the Fed's rate policy. But who will really be hurt by this new reality? The answer may surprise you.
Troubled Times, Troubled Markets, Troubled Dollars
The value/purchasing power of your dollars is in for a big change, a continuing change...a downward one. No one sees the dollars physically shrinking.
Why I've Stopped Hating And Started Loving Cryptocurrencies
I'm not one of the millions of investors who're convinced that equities are the best...and perhaps the only...path to financial security.
A Global Currency Reval Won't Be Easy
The process of revaluing global currencies is complex--much too complex to be gauged by gold alone.
Fiat's Inherent Weakness Is A Plus In Paying Off Mortgages
It's a wonder what borrowed money can do. If Shakespeare's advice to be neither a lender nor a borrower were heeded, the brakes on the consumer economy would leave long strips of burned rubber on the road.
The Market And Common Sense
Common sense may be an uncommon mental state for experienced traders, and for newcomers who jump into the Wall Street game, but without it, players don't stay in the game.


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Equality Of Consumption Is Not The Ultimate Justice
Equal distribution and possession of material things is not the ultimate justice despite the human tendency to believe propaganda that's repeated often enough. Here's why.
Can-Will-America And It's Systems Survive?
If America, the world's Golden Goose, is allowed to become just another caged chicken, Wall Street has much to fear and much to lose.
Consideration-A Cheap Social Lubricant
When lubricated with consideration, the gears of interpersonal relationships as well as the wheels of society--and of commerce--mesh ever so much more smoothly and productively.
Staying Alive Through A Housefire
One has to live someplace, but the irony is that a residence can be a dangerous place to live.
Why Socialism Can't Avoid Failure
Socialism is a failure system. Included in this broad category are hardcore Communism and Socialism, and soft core Progressivism.
Debt Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be
Debt enriches the purveyors of debt at the expense of those who can't afford it, producing income inequality and a social underclass.
How Serious About Syria?
The timing of the US missile attack on Syria was irresistibly perfect for President Trump. Seldom do events order themselves to provide a nation's leader with such an inexpensive multi-plussed opportunity to "make points" on a global scale.
Trump Triumphant
Just as Trump overcame all the odds in the primaries, he also overcame the odds of winning the Presidency.

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