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Trade Deficit Rose On Imports Of Industrial Supplies, Materials And Consumer Goods
The trade deficit was at another record high in March, 22.3% higher than February’s record, as both imports and exports increased, but imports increased by quite a bit more.
SPR, Oil, Distillates, Product Inventories Low
The US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at a 1058 week low, US oil supplies are at a 746 week low; distillates supplies are at a 729 week low, total oil and oil products inventories are at a 711 week low, and gasoline imports are at a 8 month high.
SPR And Oil Supplies Low, Same With Distillates And Products
This week’s 1,817,000 barrel per day decrease in our overall crude oil inventories left our total oil supplies at 969,713,000 barrels at the end of the week, our lowest oil inventory level since January 11th, 2008, and thus a 14 year low.
Less Oil Production And Higher Gasoline Prices, Why?
I mean the obvious answer is Demand is outstripping Supply. Oil companies and refineries are not the charitable type either. No oil/natural gas pipeline would have helped either.
U.S. Trade Deficit Goods And Services – February
U.S. trade deficit ticked lower in February, as both our exports and imports increased, but the value of our exports rose slightly more than the value of our imports did.
TIPS Breakeven Vs Michigan Inflation Expectations
Ordinary people’s inflation expectations as reported in the University of Michigan Survey depend critically on food and energy inflation. In contrast, professional forecasters use core inflation. Which are the canaries in the coal mine?


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This is one of those rare times when I post here about my academic research, but I need to better define terms.
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Donald Trump got elected President in 2016. His Presidency has been one hell of a ride; for the Nation, for the World. And, it is far from certain that the ride is over.
Project Perjury
The Washington Post has a story about the Erie, Pennsylvania postal worker who claimed to not have not recanted his fantasy about overhearing a conspiracy to backdate ballots.
US Library Of Congress Selects Angry Bear To Archive
The United States Library of Congress will be archiving and collecting material from Angry Bear.
Amazon Defeated In New York (Updated)
In the biggest ever defeat for a subsidized project in history, Amazon announce dFebruary 14th that it was canceling its planned half of HQ2 for New York City, which was to receive subsidies worth at least $3.133 billion.
Real Retail Sales Very Positive; Industrial Production Decent
Real retail sales for November, together with the revisions for October, were very positive. As of November both real retail sales and real retail sales per capita set new records.

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