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ECN VS Market Maker
When looking for the right forex broker you're most likely going to bump into two types of brokers - ECN brokers and Market Maker brokers.
Financial Spread Betting Brokers And Accounts
With so many spread betting firms available nowadays (including 10+ in the UK), what should you look out for when picking out a spread betting broker? It’s worth spending some time to compare spread betting brokers.
Introduction To CFD Trading
The main thing to remember is that contracts for difference are derivatives and thus leveraged product, please make sure you understand the risks before trading CFDs.
CFD Trading For Beginners
For the purpose of this discussion we will not assume any previous knowledge of CFD trading, so let’s start at the beginning. CFD stands for Contract For Difference.
Tips On Financial Spread Betting
Financial Spread Betting is a huge business and can be very lucrative if you get the right training and apply that knowledge correctly.
Steer Clear Of These 3 Mistakes When Trading In Commodities
Commodity trading has its fair share of fans and detractors. However, thanks to the benefits it offers, commodity trading mostly has significantly more of the former than the latter.


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Trading Support And Resistance - Sunday, May 30
2 years ago

Way too many support and resistance levels. Surely 1 of them will be true. It's a numbers game, if I predict 100 support levels and 100 resistance levels, surely out of 200 predictions at least 1 will be right.

In this article: FXE, FXA, FXB, FXC, FXY, UUP
Forex And Cryptocurrency Forecast For May 31 - June 4
2 years ago

"And just like the euro, the British currency paired with the dollar has been in a sideways trend for two weeks, fluctuating within the range of 1.4075-1.4220. However, unlike the European currency, the activity of the bulls on the pound was significantly higher."

gbp/usd will continue its sideways trend till we see some substantial changes in British exports to the EU.

In this article: FXY, UUP, BITCOMP, ETH-X, FXE, FXB
Crypto Currents: PayPal To Allow Customers To Withdraw Cryptocurrency
2 years ago

Really didn't expect PayPal to allow people to withdraw cryptos

Has The Stock Market Begun To Turn Around?
2 years ago

Have a feeling that stocks will get even more unpredictable as we start exiting this crisis?

Gold Forecast Bright On Weak USD; Silver Eyes Multi-Year High
2 years ago

Please correct me if I'm wrong but a weak dollar would naturally push gold up?

Hiking Corporate Taxes Won’t Improve Economic Outcomes
2 years ago

Hiking taxes will only prolong the suffering.

At this difficult time, businesses need some breathing space and tax hikes will only choke them.

Bulls, Bears, Owls And Pigs
2 years ago

"The Bulls make money, the Bears make money - but the Pigs get slaughtered." - one of my favourite quotes.

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Spread Betting For Beginners - Learn To Trade Tax-Free
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7 Golden Rules For Trading Forex
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Keeping A Watchful Eye On CFDs: Reading Market Reactions
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Spread Betting Companies. Which Is The Best One?
You should also assess how user friendly their trading platform is, the size of stakes required in order to trade, and the size of the spread that the company will offer.

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