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Article By: Tim Knight
It wasn’t a crash or anything, but my portfolio did just fine and dandy, and it was heartening to see all the bombastic bulls get bloodied.
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Article By: Mish Shedlock
The ISM reports a growing PMI for 14 months. But it's prices that caught my attention.
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Video By: TheoTrade
Financials and semiconductors staged an early rally as the S&P 500 was moving higher along with the VIX. That all changed as bonds caught a bid and saw many of those names fade from their highs.
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Article By: Jesse's Cafe Americain
Stocks just could not get it going today, with the major indices drifting weakly lower despite a valiant early attempt at a rally.
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Article By: Michael J. Kramer
The sad ISM report suggests that growth may be slowing faster than the consensus viewpoint. This sent yields and spread sharply lower. 
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Video By: Primary Markets TV
The trend to green investing is leading to tighter spreads for investors as they compete to access these securities, with a perceived higher value.
Article By: Utradea
While there iare not a whole lot of esports ETFs out there, what makes NERD stand out is its low expense ratio, and its higher stake in growth stocks
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Article By: Gold Predictors
Discussing the US dollar forecast and its effect on correlated major pairs for the coming years. The outlook for the US dollar is bearish, and it is likely that its value will fall.
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Article By: The Fly
Alibaba Group is scheduled to report results of its first fiscal quarter of FY22 before the U.S. market opens on Tuesday, Aug. 3, and will hold a conference call to discuss the financial results at 7:30 a.m. ET the same day. Here's what to watch for.
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Article By: StockNews
The spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant has attracted attention to the healthcare industry. Since the industry is expected to grow in the coming months, we think it could be wise to bet on these healthcare stocks.
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