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Article By: Daily Forex
Volatility is likely to be lower over the coming week. Last week was dominated by relative strength in the Japanese Yen, and relative weakness in the Australian Dollar.
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Video By: Neena Mishra
Small-cap stocks and ETFs are regaining their shine as bargain-hunting investors poured money into them over the past few weeks.
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Article By: Gene Inger
If we get a breakout, it could easily be a fakeout. Bulls only riding the Fed is worrisome.
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Article By: Paban Pandey
When it is all said and done, the stress – and the Fed’s response to it – may just be a prelude to what is to come in quarters to come, which is, expansion – once again – of the Fed’s balance sheet.
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Article By: Peter Morici
Predictions for the data releases over the next two weeks, including Q2 GDP, September ADP, NFP and auto sales.
Article By: Bespoke Investment Group
Over the years when S&P 500 sector weightings have gotten extremely lopsided for one or two sectors, it hasn’t ended well. It's happening again.
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Article By: Upfina
Stocks don’t need a recession to fall into a bear market.
Article By: Interactive Brokers
Market participants will receive a host of salient economic updates from France in the week ahead, as higher oil prices weigh on certain fuel-dependent companies.
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Article By: Shah Gilani
Contrary to popular belief, which includes believing in unicorns, most unicorns’ valuations are a myth.
Video By: T.J. Hayes
Today, we introduce you to the Intermediate-Term Breadth Momentum Oscillator .
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