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Article By: Joe Perry
The South African Rand fell to 18.05 vs US Dollar as Moodys cut the country’s rating to junk, one level below investment grade, and kept the outlook negative.
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Article By: Jack Scoville
Wheat markets were higher for the week but spent the second half of the week going up and down with much volatility.
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Article By: InsideTrade
We are seeing politicians at the forefront of the epidemic. It's only a matter of time until we start seeing massive infections
Article By: Bespoke Investment Group
CHWY fell 36% from a high in late February to its recent low in mid-March.Since making that intraday low on March 12th, however, the stock is up 76.5%, and it broke out to a new high last Friday.
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Article By: David Vomund
The COVID-19 virus will change behavior. Here are some examples of how our habits will change.
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Article By: Phil Flynn
Oil prices are losing hope that demand will recover anytime soon after President Trump extended federal social distancing guidelines until April 30th.
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Article By: James Picerno
The major asset classes posted widespread gains last week, but the reprieve may be brief as the world continues to grapple with coronavirus risk.
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Article By: Tyler Durden
Once again, pending home sales will be the tie-breaker for February housing data (existing sales soared, new sales slipped) and expectations were that it would be weaker but instead, it surged 2.4% MoM (vs 1.8% drop expected).
Article By: Fiona Cincotta
GBP/USD slipped 0.3% lower to US$1.24 in early trade and has retained those losses across the morning session.
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Article By: Bespoke Investment Group
With the equity market surging last week, seeing VIX​ close little-changed versus the prior Friday may have been confusing for some investors.
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