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Article By: Gene Inger
We remain in a seasonally weakest, hence most dangerous, part of the year when anything out of the blue can impact markets.
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Article By: Shelly Palmer
One clear path to an interoperable, scalable, usable crypto/Web 3 universe is cross-chain compatibility. Get ready: The battle for your heart, mind, and crypto wallet is just beginning.
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Article By: Benzinga
Jack Ma founded the company 22 years ago; it IPO'd on the US market in 2014. Will the 2nd-largest company in China suffer from the recent crackdowns?
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Article By: Zacks Investment Research
This largest U.S. drugstore chain has recorded a strong streak of surpassing earnings estimates.
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Article By: Dr. Dan Steinbock
The economic development that has been so successful in Asia in the past few decades is premised on peace and stability, not arms races.
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Article By: Elliottwave Forecast
We expect a short term pullback. Then, a rally towards 1000 USD and higher should take place.
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Article By: Dimitris Kontoulis
Natural Gas weekly analysis. We are going to sell rallies on exhaustion on near term charts on supply recovery.
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Article By: StockNews
A low-interest-rate environment and bullish market sentiment have increased initial public offerings over the past two years. Investor enthusiasm for IPOs has helped recently-listed stocks soar. However, they may be best avoided for now.
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Article By: Daniel Lacalle
There are many factors that show that consumers and salaries are being eaten away by inflation, leading to an abrupt halt in the recovery. Auto sales plunged, disposable personal income has plummeted, and median wage growth is lower than inflation.
Article By: Benzinga
According to Jay Milla, the number of active addresses on the Litecoin network has surpassed that of Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. In a tweet, Jay mentioned that the growth of wallet activity on the Litecoin network has risen to 450 thousand.
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William K. Commented on A Simple Model Of Monetary Policy And Interest Rates:

The article explained several terms but never NGDP, which was repeated many times but never spelled out. Acronyms are mostl used to hide things,this seems to be no exception.

Then mentioning th...

In 2020, excepting Wuhan - which severely suffered from the #pandemic - all the rest posted either similar or highe…...

Robert P. Balan
RT @RobertPBalan1: It looks to me (and to Mr. TK as well) that we may have a set up for a higher close into OpEx. The wave 4 that I spoke a…
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